Winning the Freedom to Depend Wholly upon God

I can assert with conviction that Mrs. Eddy's home was the only place where I ever saw perfectly consistent application of Scientific Demonstration in all matters. She made it a requirement that we must demonstrate all the material experiences of ordinary daily life and strive to see God back of everything, no matter how insignificant an incident might seem.

...the minutiae of life, which one is almost tempted to neglect, the questions of eating, sleeping, the commonplace daily necessities, are of the upmost importance from the spiritual standpoint, because they are the deep-rooted beliefs which bind man to dependence on matter. Thus we perceive the deep spiritual insight of our Leader in her insistence on demonstration in the non-essentials. She saw that, although they appeared trifling to material sense, they represented the most important mile-stones of the students...that will eventually win man that goal of freedom -- freedom to depend wholly upon God. - Gilbert Carpenter (Student at Pleasant View in 1905)

Mrs. Eddy taught one must watch his or her state of thought. She said to James Gilman substantially as follows: "If your thought is of the self-satisfied order - pleased with your progress generally, the pleased-at-nothing, self-complacent thought- you might then know that you are astray; but that when you find in yourself a sense of patient meekness and humility - dissatisfied with personal sense and willing to do anything for the sake of Christ - you could be reasonably sure you are in the way of health and wholeness." James Gilman, Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy.