Christian Science After 1910

Much of what transpired after the passing of Mary Baker Eddy can be read in Andrew W. Hartsook's book "Christian Science after 1910" and can be purchased here.

Notable changes made by the board of directors after her passing:

  • The clerk of the Mother Church, Mr. Dittemore, was quoted as saying (to the New York WORLD newspaper) "The death of Mrs. Eddy means little or nothing to us. It is as though any one of us had passed away - - nothing more. The church is run as a plain business proposition, and its future will be directed in accordance with plain business principles."
  • December 17, 1910, they issued a new Church Manual, the 89th edition, which eliminated Mary Baker Eddy's name as Pastor Emeritus and from the list of church officers and added the words "and Branch Churches" to pages 120 and 127.
Did Mrs. Eddy make a mistake in the 88th edition by limiting the scope and jurisdiction of the board of the Mother Church? Was the the Church Manual the complete, inspired Word of God to the church in need of no further edits? Had Mrs. Eddy left her work partially done?


Herbert Eustace lived through the "great litigation" of 1922 while he was on the board of trustees that Mary Baker Eddy established before her passing. He outlines in the opening chapter of his most remarkable teaching manual with crystal clarity what transpired, namely, ecclesiasticism. His book can be found on this website.                                                                                                                     

Mary Baker Eddy established the church on a spiritual foundation. The rock upon which Jesus said we must build. The results are documented for all time in healings and lives saved followed by unprecedented church building around the world. 

In short, the Mother Church or central organization, through the courts, gained control of the entire church organization in violation of Mary Baker Eddy's Church Manual and Deed of Trust. As a result of this unprincipled action, the central organization left the straight and narrow way and into the broad path that leads to destruction. 

Blunders and Blunderers

"The rule and its perfection of operation never vary in Science. If you fail to succeed in any case, it is because you have not demonstrated the life of Christ, Truth, more in your own life, — because you have not obeyed the rule and proved the Principle of divine Science."   Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health page 149

If one is searching for a Christian Science church or healing practitioner, one must find an independent church or healer with absolutely no ties to the central church at this time.

Mary Baker Eddy intended all of the churches to act independently and rise or fall based on their fidelity to Truth. She expected her students to decide for themselves what literature to read. In other words, she expected people to be self-governed and not controlled by a central authority telling its members what they can read or govern their actions. 

"In Christian Science each branch church shall be distinctly democratic in its government, and no individual, and no other church shall interfere with its affairs." Church Manual p. 74

Since 1910, thousands of churches have closed and mainstream Christian Science under the control of the central church has been all but forgotten. They did not obey the rule or Principle set down by Science. Mrs. Eddy's church is not to be found in the central church or its branch church structure. 

"The church, more than any other institution, at present is the cement of society, and it should be the bulwarks of civil and religious liberty. But the time cometh when the religious element, or Church of Christ, shall exist alone in the affections, and need no organization to express it." Mary Baker Eddy, Christian Science Journal, July 1894