Her Place in History

"No one could serve twelve years under Mrs. Eddy's counsel and instruction without realizing how clearly she recognized her position as prophesied by St. John the Revelator. With superb courage, she braved the severe encounters which the resistance and hatred of the carnal mind persistently enlisted against the spiritual idea presented in Christian Science, for she perceived the fulfillment of the Revelator's prophecy in her own life, and in Christian Science. This is evidenced by her own words: "The twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse, or Revelation of St. John, has a special suggestiveness in connection with the nineteenth century."

Through her fidelity to divine Principle, Mary Baker Eddy was enabled to open the seven-sealed book mentioned in Revelation by means of the spiritual idea revealed in Christian Science. The Apocalyptic vision she elucidated not only in written words, but also in living letters of fire in her own life experience.

As the years passed, Mary Baker Eddy's true position will be more fully recognized and appreciated. As Jesus strove to turn the attention of his disciples away from his corporeality and to open their eyes to his real identity, so did Mrs. Eddy endeavor to turn the thought of her followers away from her personality and to reveal through her writings her true place in spiritual history.

The real identity of God's messenger to this age will be unfolded as mankind seeks to understand it through a study of the Bible and her writings."

- from Twelve years with Mary Baker Eddy, by Rev. Irving C. Tomlinson, pp. 218-219

"It is an unquestionable historical fact that heretofore most of revelation has come through men. Must there not have come a time when, in the eternal fitness of things, woman should become the medium of divine revelation? That such a time must come is clear from the fact that God created man male and female. There can be no whole man without the female. Genesis is authority for this claim; but it by no means rests there. 

Revelation expressly declares the appearing of the Woman of the Apocalypse. The only possible question is as to when this Woman shall appear. We cannot in this article go over all the ground upon which we base our belief that this Woman has appeared and is now with us. There are numerous indicia, both in the Scripture and outside of it, pointing to these as the times of her appearing. It is sufficient for our present purpose to point to that one indices which, to every Christian Scientist, is evidence conclusive, and that is the coming to this age of our text-book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

The wondrous results of this book in uplifting humanity and bettering the conditions of the race sufficiently attest its divine origin. How could this book come? It must come through a person; and in the divine order above indicated, that person must be a female ... It is upon this premise we declare that the Reverend Mary Baker Eddy is the divinely appointed instrument of the higher revelation which has come to us. It was Mrs. Eddy's mission to lead the world to an understanding of the underlying reality of all things. Her teaching reveals the fundamentals and operation of all spiritual being, which guide mankind into the promised land of Science."  

Page 171-173 of the July, 1895 Journal written by the Editor