Pleasant View Illustrations by James Gillman


During the summer of 1893, James Gilman visited Pleasant View often to work with Mrs. Eddy on her illustrated poem, Christ and Christmas. In Gilman's diary entry of Tuesday, August 8th he recounts "While she was sitting just at my right and a little behind, watching and suggesting as the changes were made in the picture, she said, after some visitors from Boston who were looking over the place had looked into the room where we were and had gone, 'These rooms will all be interesting to visitors after I am gone.' "

Although Pleasant View is no longer in existence, we can thank Mr. James Gilman for his beautiful  illustrated book. 

"She said of me that it was strange why it was that she was led into so much to do with me. She said she was sure that I was to be a great factor in Christian Science experience or history sometime." James Gilman

The Dining Room

While at lunch, I said, "Mrs. Eddy, you are fortunate in having such a good cook," for the cooking and preparation of the food was very excellent. Mrs. Eddy answered that it was so indeed, adding, "It is through Christian Science that this excellence has appeared, for before she applied the Principle of Christian Science to her work she was a poor cook," a statement Mrs. Sargent corroborated. Pretty soon, "Martha," the cook came in and Mrs. Eddy said to her: "Mr. Gilman was commending your cooking and I told him that you were a Christian Scientist in your cooking." "Yes," she cordially replied, "it is only by carrying Christian Science practice into my work that I have been able to do it well." James Gilman

Mrs. Eddy's Private Room

Mrs. Eddy's Bedroom

The Summer House


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