Pleasant View


"Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, though not the boundary, of the affections." Mary Baker Eddy

In this home, students were taught by Mrs. Eddy how to bring God into the details of their life and live up to the standard of Christ. Some of her students did not understand her teachings or actions. These disloyal students turned on God's messenger. For over 40 years she had to overcome these students and many other obstacles to found her church on a spiritual basis. Her spiritual footsteps exploring the path upward for all mankind can be found in her book, Science and Health. 

For nearly a decade thousands of people had visited or attended Mrs. Eddy's church in Boston. During that same period a handful of people had found her "structure of Truth and Love" at Pleasant View, - the hub of the wheel, the center of all spiritual activity. This center of  spiritual activity was her true church and was not found in the beautiful edifice in Boston or any other city. At a later date Mrs. Eddy said to her household at Pleasant View: "There is one thing needed all over the field and which is only supplied here, and might not be supplied in the field in centuries...." Doris Grekel, The Forever Leader.

"Mrs. Eddy's home at Pleasant View was a splendid example of her vision and foresight, for she literally transformed what had once been ugly and desolate into a home of beauty, comfort and peace." Twelve Years With Mary Baker Eddy. Tomlinson.